Welcome to your All Access Membership!  You now have access to all of the courses offered at the Scott Paddock Sax School. If this is your first time here, take a few minutes to click around and get familiar with the lay of the land. Below is an overview of the MAIN MENU items you will use to navigate through the Sax School.

HOME – This is the landing page for the website. As a member, you will rarely use this page aside from signing in. If you’d like a direct sign in to the members’ area, use the DASHBOARD page. 

DASHBOARD – This is your home base. The DASHBOARD controls everything about your membership. The DASHBOARD has it’s own menu items:

  • MY COURSES – view your courses.
  • MY ACHIEVEMENTS – as you complete certain lessons & courses, you will get a little pat on the back.
  • NOTIFICATIONS – this notifies you of everything you do in the school (start a course, finish a lesson, etc).
  • EDIT ACCOUNT – this is where you can change your email address/password or personal information.
  • ORDER HISTORY – this is where you can change your billing info or cancel your membership.

COURSES – This takes you directly to the course catalog. You can also get to this page from the COURSES menu option in the DASHBOARD menu.

NEWS – This takes you to the member news & updates page. On this page, we will share news about the SPSS, list the most recent updates, and let you know what’s coming next. This section also has a list of FAQs. Please check here before sending in a question.  

All Access Membership

per month

All Access Membership

per month