Your journey to become a better saxophone player is about to begin

I joined on opening day and I am benefitting so much from Scott’s program. I am a restarter and on his intermediate track. Scott’s courses are everything that I hoped for and include a practice plan as well as scale work, technical exercises and interpreting songs. I have never found such a great step-wise approach to turning dots into music. I am seeing weekly progress in my playing. I highly recommend this program for any adult restarter like myself.

Andrew B. (USA)

Thank you for this course.  I am loving the way you teach. It is exactly the kind of material I have been searching for.  It’s like having a personal tutor.

Bruce L. (Canada)

Hello from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve signed up for your sax school website. Fantastic job! It’s hands down the best online beginners & intermediate saxophone developmental lessons website that I have experienced. It’s obvious it’s taken you a very long time and substantial funds to create such a huge volume of detailed lessons. I appreciate that it’s logically ordered and structured and I’m relieved that it’s affordably priced. I’m so inspired and motivated to develop my sax skills. 

John S. (Australia)