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• The 5 topics that you need to focus on to skyrocket your sax playing.

• How pro sax players unleash their creativity when playing melodies & solos.

• The easiest way to get your fingers moving faster & cleaner with technique practice.

LP HOLLIE Masterclass (#18)

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I’m an internationally acclaimed sax player with a signature sound & style that has gained me fans and followers from all around the globe.

In addition to performing, I also LOVE to teach the sax. Over my many years of giving lessons, masterclasses & tutorials, I’ve developed a new method of teaching the sax that is designed specifically for the needs of adult saxophone players.

The secret to this new way of learning the sax is a clear step-by-step pathway that eliminates all of the guesswork about what to practice, how to practice, and what to practice next.

Using this method, I’ve helped 1000s of people – just like you, take their saxophone playing to the next level or start from scratch. 

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