In this combo course, all of the Chop Shop exercises that we have learned throughout the entire Sax School are all consolidated into one place. I suggest learning the Chop Shop exercises in the pathway courses that they are presented in, but if you are looking for the entire Chop Shop series in one place… this is it!

The Chop Shop is a series of exercises that I use to help build technique. The goal with technique practice is to get your fingers moving cleaner & faster. In the Chop Shop, we will take a pattern (or lick) and play it in several different keys to help you get comfortable playing intervals and weaving your way through scales. Technique practice should be a part of your daily routine.

The Chop Shop Intro is the introduction to this series and will help you get your fingers moving cleaner/faster and more familiar with the scales, chords, and patterns that you will be working on throughout the series.

More Chop Shop exercises will be added on a regular basis.