Welcome to the Scott Paddock Sax School! If you are coming to this pathway after completing the Early Intermediate course of the SPSS, you are good to go. If this is your starting point at the SPSS please make sure that you are able to do the prerequisites below. If not, check out the SPSS Early Intermediate Pathway for a refresher.

Prerequisites for the Intermediate Pathway:

  • Have an understanding of tonguing, breath support, and dynamics.
  • Have all 12 major scales memorized.
  • Be able to perform 8th note technique exercises at 90 bpm.
  • Be able to accurately play at least 15 songs.
  • Know how to read music (notes & rhythms). 

If you are unable to perform any of the following prerequisites, then you should start with the Early Intermediate Pathway, and review any needed skills & techniques. 

What you’ll learn:

The Intermediate: part 1 Pathway is all about teaching you the skills to bring your music to life! The entire course is focused on making everything you play sound more musical & more creative. In the Basics section, we zero in on breath support, tone, vibrato, and embellishments. We expand your knowledge of scales by learning the mixolydian & dorian modes. And we get your fingers moving even faster & cleaner with the Chop Shop Series. 

The most exciting part about the Intermediate Pathway is learning how to play the “unwritten” parts of music. For this, we will do a deep dive into ad libbing. You will learn step by step how to take a boring lead sheet melody and turn it into a personalized version of the song you are performing. In the Intermediate Pathway, we will also introduce the world of improvisation. By the end of this course, you will be able to improvise your own solos and have a basic understanding of how chords work. 


I recommend that everybody start with the Early Intermediate Pathway. Even if your saxophone skills have progressed beyond this level, reviewing the basics and learning, Scott Paddock’s teaching style will definitely have a positive effect on the way you learn & organize the musical concepts that will be taught throughout the Scott Paddock Sax School. Learning how to play any type of musical instrument is a building process. The more solid your foundation is, the faster and easier you will progress.