To start the Early Intermediate Pathway, you should already know how to play the saxophone at a basic level. If you are unable to perform any of the prerequisites listed below, then you should start with the Beginner Pathway.

  • Know how to put the sax together.
  • Understand how to play with a correct embouchure.
  • Know how to finger and play all of the notes on the sax.
  • Have a basic understanding of how to read music (notes & rhythms).


In the Early Intermediate Pathway we will focus on learning songs & furthering the development of your basic saxophone skills. We will accomplish this by learning all 12 major scales, as well as getting your fingers moving faster & cleaner with my technique series, called – The Chop Shop.

A main focus in this course will be expanding your repertoire (the songs you know). The whole reason for learning how to play the sax is to be able to play songs! In this pathway, we will continue to learn the basic skills for becoming a better sax player, and apply those skills to learning songs. By the end of the Early Intermediate Pathway, you will be able to perform 20 songs.


I recommend that everybody start with the Early Intermediate Pathway. Even if your saxophone skills have progressed beyond this level, reviewing the basics and learning, Scott Paddock’s, teaching style will definitely have a positive effect on the way you learn & organize the musical concepts that will be taught throughout the Scott Paddock Sax School. Learning how to play any type of musical instrument is a building process. The more solid your foundation is, the faster and easier you will progress.