This course is part of the Intermediate: Part 1 Pathway. I strongly suggest that you work on this course as you work your way through that Pathway. However, if you are looking for a course dedicated to teaching you how to ad lib… this is it!

In this course, we are going to dive into the world of ad libbing. Ad libbing is when you transform a basic melody into your own musical voice by adding things to it. Throughout this course, we will talk about very specific rules for ad libbing and do tons of play along examples.

This is an intermediate level course. Before starting this course, It is very important that you are really comfortable playing basic melodies, are able to play your major scales, and have been studying the Chop Shop technique series. The majority of the material covered in this course will be taught at an intermediate level with the assumption that you already have a strong foundation of the basic saxophone skills covered in the earlier Pathways.